Being in the Body

Sleep scored an ‘excellent’ 92/100 by the Fitbit last night. Early to sleep and early to awake at 6am. This seems to be the best schedule for the body.

In the late afternoon I had a first session floating in a sensory deprivation tank which was extremely relaxing. To be doing nothing for an hour in darkness and weightless. I practiced breathing and just being, letting go completely, watching the thoughts which were much slowed down by it all.

Got a touch of motion nausea, read after that it’s normal for some at the first session. The headache went away during it which is interesting.

And before that 4 miles and 3 hours in the park with N and the dogs, also contributing to a great sleep. Same as yesterday which was also 3 hours in nature.

The body likes to move and be used, to get a little tired, and it especially likes natural surroundings which soothe the whole nervous system. Here the senses come alive, the beauty all round, the birdsong, the freshness of the air, the grounding of the body as it feels it’s weight moving through uneven woodland ground. Using the senses and present as a result. Less thinking required. Especially when conscious breathing accompanies what’s happening.

I’m discovering at the moment that I require little contact with most friends and family. There is something about the influence, the type of pushing into that is received, not sure what it is. I often find this during periods of recalibration and I seem to move into more solitude at the moment.

Have a long term therapy client this morning. And then my old boss Terry, from 30 years ago, is coming and we are going to the plant nursery together.

Been chatting to my son T, who is in Indonesia exploring. Here he is snorkelling. He had some sort of breakdown or burnout quit his job and is travelling for a few months. He doesn’t know what he will do with his life.

He sent this test, quite interesting, these are my results.

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