Getting Embroiled in Specifics

This morning was a beauty, awake super early again at 5am, cup of tea in bed, doing some deep OM meditations. Just a few sets of those the breathing in a good rhythm and connects me to the body through the vibration. I try and strike the lowest note of OM that is comfortable.

There was also a basking in the feeling of a dream of a beautiful loving hug with an old (boy) friend.

Then by 8am I’m in problem solving mode as one of the men says he isn’t coming in, and he’s the driver that takes the other one so he says he has to stay off too as he can’t get there by public transport. I look it up and he can. I send details. I offer to pay the fare. Really it’s up to him to get to work and not my job to look up buses….The driver guy stays off often. I’m all for putting family first but there’s a limit and this isn’t working for me. It’s too frequent and very often he does only 4 days a week and as he’s one of our only 2 drivers, it makes others late or not come in.

Winter sunshine at the river in the park

Embroiled in specifics, and I notice I’m being reactive. Resistant to what’s happening. My likes and dislikes triggered. This is an example of the many business ethics issues that come up for me. I have a conflict of goals. I’m very supportive of men being attentive to their kids and involved in their lives, and I like that he is. However I have a business to run and it’s a big inconvenience. He even regularly takes a whole day off to go to a meeting at the nursery about one of his kids. Sigh.

Moving on…..I breathe. This has taken an hour to deal with.

What could I have done differently? Nothing at all. I didn’t even have to get involved. Or send or answer any texts and the outcome would still have been the same.

Maybe life is trying to show me something! Don’t get too involved with the details. It’s an open door for all sorts of unimportant likes and dislikes to enter. Be unconcerned. Equanimity is a big lesson I’m learning here. Joy and appreciation is always here waiting for me.

Yesterday was 2 super client therapy sessions then a cycle round the park on my bike. Was a joy. There was even some bonus sunshine, a delicious lunch at the outdoor cafe and a happy dog.

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