Choosing what Company to Keep

And this weekend as I was alone, that meant the company I chose to keep online. I chose to spend time meditating a lot, being present, consciously breathing, noticing feeling states arise and leave. So it was Eckhart Tolle mostly, and some Abraham Hicks.

Being calm and accepting. Abraham hicks talks a lot about getting what we want. Mostly for me its equanimity, inner peace, to be in my highest self and to be the most useful I can to the world. That means to me making peace with what is here right now. Anything else is a bonus. I find it hard to get excited imagining a desired future materially.

I would like a nicer house, more of a steady flow of money and less responsibility. Meantime I’m relaxing inner contraction and unblocking the resistance to the flow state. And that means not resisting what actually is, and being grateful for it. Appreciating everything.

I’m loving this apartment, it’s beautiful and spacious and pretty quiet. I have a steady flow of money coming in I’m also thankful for, and I am grateful also for the training and lessons I’ve learned from having the responsibility of a company with employees.

I fill the dog bowl, and just enjoy doing it.

I put away the hairdryer and enjoy it.

I put the lights on in the living room and love how the room lights up.

I savour how fresh and clean I feel after the shower.

There’s beautiful music on right now. The dog is happy. The weather is calm and good for the men to work in. I had a wonderful 8 hour sleep.

I had a beautiful long walk yesterday. Got some lunch and sat under a very old tree covered in moss at a picnic table. I enjoyed being around the multitude of people in the park, the web of interconnected others that are me. At a slight distance! Got some good exercise too.

Today it’s 2 therapy clients in the morning, and one later this afternoon, and in between a walk. I had a wonderful session with a client yesterday, really deep and direct. She had gone to the sound bath I suggested and had an intensely wonderful experience, and I took a risk and was very direct with her about the relationship she’s in which she was grateful for. Very fulfilling and satisfying.

Been putting these discarded calendar bits in peoples windscreens in the car park anonymously.

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