Feeling Alive

Really feeling myself just now, now that I’m fully back in the body….I am aware of all the energies as they arise and dissipate, there’s excitement, enthusiasm, sadness, optimism and fear and love…a whole range. Grounded inside my body, the senses activated. Noticing everything, the breathing, the textures all around and feeling spontaneous and stimulated and relaxed at the same time. And the body wants to rest so I am.

What a great sleep. Dropped off last night to Eckhart Tolle. He is talking here to people who have racing thoughts at night, which I don’t, but it’s still very useful he is amazing for falling to sleep to, and I almost always get a super deep sleep. I listened to this one in bed this morning, about using breathing to interrupt and lessen thought. Repetition of this message is good for me. Love the feedback from the fitbit, it’s like an onboard coach. Feedback about resting heart rate, length of exercise, miles walked, heart rate variability.

Still no answer from that client I gave the price too, and since are supposed to be starting next week…while it’s not a no, he isn’t jumping at saying yes either. Thoughts of curiosity arise about what he might be thinking, and also I have let go of it and all expectation. Great if it’s a yes, an oh well let’s move on if it’s a no.

Three little deer watching me yesterday

February 9th 2023 already – life is racing by. My 70 year old pal N called me last night to continue a conversation we had in the park earlier. It was to give me a beautiful gift, and a bit of a talking to about not wasting time in self doubt. To allow myself to maximise the opportunities that come my way, to tell me how great I am and lovely and how I can allow more abundance in, and can just have more confidence in myself. That sort of thing. It was so nice to hear such encouragement.

The fizzy energy of anticipation about this project has calmed now. I enjoyed putting that agitated fizzy energy to good use yesterday doing practical things, like washing down the entrance steps with a mop which I noticed for a while needed done, cleaning to bathroom…felt a nice sense of achievement. Will remember more emotions as energy surges.

This morning a therapy client, then a visit to site for a final walk around with the garden client and see the guys too. Then onwards to the park and a new design project later.

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