Relax the Mind, Observe the energy

Inside the body. What is the emotion going there……what does it feel like, what is the sensation of it….does it have a shape…..a colour….a movement? How does it move….is it slowly, is it turning, pulsing, swirling all around or staying in the same place?

Is it uncomfortable….is it enjoyable? Do you notice the mind wanting to act on it if it is disturbing or uncomfortable? Is it trying to solve it for you?

Can you identify the feeling? Is it anxiety or fear, rage, excitement, sadness….despondency, or exhilaration or joy?

Do you notice the excitation of vibrational frequency? does this make you want to act in some way?

In my case it’s excitement and anticipation and a little fear of being turned down by the client.

What I am not doing now is allowing my mind to try and ‘solve’ it by thinking. There is nothing I can do and it’s a waiting time. There is still a lot of energy being generated that if I don’t act on will likely become thoughts.

So I am using it to take action. I remove the design from the drawing board now that it is done and I’m starting the next design which is a productive action whether he says yes or no. I let the next client know their drawing is being started to reassure them progress is being made and to expect some results.

It deals with my fear by lining up the next project too. I do other practical useful things like empty the bin. I clean and shine the taps. The energy whatever it is wants movement so I might as well be proactive. And writing here helps to express and diffuse the energy too.

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