Gave the Price…

Will they go for it or not? It has been 3 hours and no feedback. Hmm. Big project….so don’t blame him for the careful consideration. I hoped it might be cheaper than he expected and would say yes immediately! Eternal optimist.

Right now got another client nipping at me over next to nothing wanting this or that extra and I’m saying no. Can feel her hostility build on the other side of the phone. She typing back right now as I speak here! She’s got some edgy temper to her and we have had to help her to regulate her emotions many times over this job.

Had a marvellous walk and talk with my Edinburgh client. We are like old friends and shared a lot of intimate life history very openly. Wow. How amazing. had a good chat with the men too and the job is coming along. Still at the ground works stage but I’m impressed at how tidy its looking already. It’s the contemporary style people go for these days. Not really my taste, nature under such control. It’s what clients like though.

Then the business mentor the interior designer and the therapy client all cancelled so had time to finish and send that costing.

Just sharing my suspense. Will he won’t he….Do I mind either way? No, not really, I’ll just move on to the next project with a little disappointment. I still feel an excitement about the uncertainty of not knowing. My life in the hands of another’s decision. A yes would be great and I will zoom right out of the cash flow crisis much sooner. I spoke to my ex husband and asked if he could do this dig out and he said yes. The guy I had lined up just got a job. I’m scraping a second team here together for this pretty large job! Will he won’t he… thrilling. Am I enjoying this ‘danger’?! I don’t know if enjoyment is the right word. It’s anxiety bordering on excitement

Meantime I will start the next design tomorrow……keep moving forward….

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