As I step out of bed I remember to be present to the actual experience of it consciously. Why not, this is the entirety of my life happening right now in this moment and I might as well be here fully for the experience. I breath.

What do I sense….the feel of the soft carpet under my bare feet, the comfort and warmth, and then through to the hall and a change of sensation as I walk over the wooden floor. Then the cool bathroom tiles. It’s beneficial to be here, I love it. All is well here. No thoughts required.

Now I feel the weight of my body as I sit on this comfy cushion. I hear the traffic in the distance woosh past, the hum of the central heating. The light touch of the fingertips as I type this on on the iPad. The taste of tea. The warmth of the air. Squeaking floorboards from above nearby in the hall. I see the blue sky out the window and the flowers of my plants. Quite a lot happening.

Last night was a 3 hour Zoom session with friends E and S, which we all loved. We covered the gamut of what’s going on for us, from fears to celebrating ourselves, and with great honesty. This was very nutritious.

After a very relaxed weekend of space and freedom and rest and walks it’s Monday and today is a busy one. I have 4 therapy clients, 2 this morning and 2 late afternoon. In between I’ll drop off the plants I bought at the nursery on Saturday to the project we are finishing. Will get updates from both teams. I will finalise the costing for the next project. I notice a small spike of anxiety thinking about that. Why? Thoughts of things that could go wrong. They could reject it. I could underprice it. What could go right? They accept it and I price it well and the suppliers are covered, the business makes money. Best to notice the fears, say thanks for the danger alert, and just get on with it.

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