May Reality guide my every Thought

Took a big long space yesterday afternoon and evening away from the demands of the world. A therapy client then a visit to the men on site then a walk. Working out the logistics of next week. Rest of the day relaxing and reading and listening.

Reminding myself often to be in this present moment. And also often forgetting. Having to prise myself away from the addiction to thinking and living in thought.

In the shower this morning, the mind tugged me this way and that with its thought streams, I kept coming back to the senses, seeing the steam, hearing the water, feeling the wetness, going down the body and saying hello to each part. Slowing down. A lot of this is just repetition and again and again….learning to forge new neural pathways.

The men have been paid, and I’m meeting a friend shortly for a walk and a coffee. Feeling quite still inside, will give more attention to this again today. Remembering to breath from the abdomen, being aware of thoughts as they tug away at the attention, returning to the breath. When insistent I use a mantra to interrupt them. The Gayatri has been the main one, and also this one which I love. Reality in this context is in reference to the thoughts that arrive, most of which are not based in reality.

May reality guide my every thought, and truth be the master of my life.

I drop my attention into the body and connect with any sensations there. I let any feelings know they are noticed and allowed.

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