In the Present with Nature

Enjoyed yesterday out in the park getting more still inside. I set myself a challenge to find beauty in the ordinary and off I went. Had to get into a really still place inside, slow right down and just be. That is the way things come to you, when you are not looking for them, and are in a receptive still state. Being present. Good to be back here after my descent into the fear.

I got a 3 day ban on Facebook for saying that trans women are men on a friends page. Nobody is going to tell me otherwise, it’s a basic biological fact. That you are not allowed to say out loud. Hmffff.

Found myself dancing yesterday and back in my heart. Feels so good not to be afraid. I am able to be thankful for the experience of it all to show me where I need to heal. That lack of money trigger grabs me.

So what to do. Drop the business since it causes so much stress, or overcome the trigger? I’ll be guided about that. That was weeks in anxiety and I’m not sure it’s good for the body.

This is what got me a 3 day ban on Facebook

This is where I stand at the moment.

Never had an issue with men who want to call themselves women and vice versa. Happy to call a he a she to not offend them. The she remains a he to me by my definition of woman.

No to reducing the age to 16, no to anyone with a whanger in a female changing room or toilets, fine with a 3rd changing room and toilets, no to anyone born a man in women’s sports, or in women’s prisons. Support to JK Rowling. Think the widespread offence to what she said in her tweet is ridiculous.

Male power grab? Maybe.

This Monty Python sketch from 1979, ahead of it’s time.”

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