Edgy & Excited

Beautiful blue sky minus 2 degree morning. In the shower I said a warm hello to all of me, the whole body as I washed, hello and hello to legs and feet and arms and thanks.

After watching a whole lot of near death accounts I found myself emailing a guy I dated some years ago.

One I liked but I dropped after 2 dates. I had been hearing accounts of people being shown their lives and the opportunities that had been sent to them and they hasn’t taken up. It reminded me of him. Let’s see if he replies. I took a little risk, woohoo!

I have made choices in partners that ended in a lot of pain before and I lost my nerve as I was so comfortable with him right away. That would normally be a positive sign!

And also I sent the final drawings to my next client and waiting for her response, which I hope is thrilled and delighted.

My business is just hanging on and no more at the moment, I’m overdrawn in order to keep up with bills. It would be great to get the confirmation for this job, which I’m actually 90% sure will go ahead. And I’m getting the survey for the next job today to start designing. On some primitive level it feels like my life depends on her delighted response though! Isn’t that strange. The threat system will be relieved and I anticipate that dopamine hit.

Been watching ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a #@%!’ film this morning and enjoying it a lot.

Got a therapy client shortly then seeing another new garden client this afternoon. and there will be a walk in the park. Intention is to be present for it.

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