First Aid time

Having to consciously turn towards that which makes me feel at peace to deal with an underlying anxiety I’m feeling. About the world mostly, I have continued against my better judgement reading some heavy news about all world troubles going on. Problems I can’t actually do anything about but feel drawn towards watching unfold. Some kind of morbid curiosity!

Turning towards creativity and art making. And choosing subjects which uplift and calm.

Being present. What am I hearing, touching, smelling and seeing and tasting?

Breathing. That’s a big one. When I read disturbing news stories I find I often hold my breath. That in turn creates stress. So breathing from low down right I got the stomach.

Spending time being affectionate with the dog, that love is soothing and relaxes resistance inside.

Noticing thoughts, especially the ‘what if’ ones about the future and bringing myself back to the present. In the present I’m safe and it relaxes the nervous system.

Going to the park and being with the trees and birds. Going there shortly.

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