Friendly Aliens

Still emerging. Been looking at brain wave states.

Gamma (γ)>35 HzConcentration

Beta (β)12–35 HzAnxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed

Alpha (α)8–12 HzVery relaxed, passive attention

Theta (θ)4–8 HzDeeply relaxed, inward focusedDelta (δ)0.5–4 HzSleep

A strange day. They all are. A visit to my mum’s, 80th birthday. Sister and family are here for a visit. Lovely aliens normal people. Who are me of course. Nice to see them. Then a client walk and talk in the park who is starting to recover and even thrive. New job, new mood. Going down to fortnightly. Another one in half an hour. Then a big family birthday meal over in the west end. Doing some art, relaxing. Lot lot happening. Even more therapy clients being booked. I’m at capacity and must start saying no, start a waiting list. Need to leave space for the other business.

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