Too much Happening

Strong dreams again which I think are actually lucid since I know I’m in one and can decide what to do to an extent. And I wake up and dive back in to further the story to see what happens next. I was back in SA again a bit with Dom who then turned into Jamie. Both a positive friendly feeling of being allies with a task together in the dream. J was looking after me.

Awoke with some anxiety though. A sense of being pressed on by worldly commitments and things I have to do. Been saying yes to too many things. I have such a free and carefree easy lifestyle that when I have to do things I feel a weight. I do get a lot done but it’s mostly on my own terms at a time I determine.

Shortly I have to go and collect the car this morning. That’s a half hour walk or bus ride then I have a therapy client. Then a neurosurgeon about the intact and small brain aneurism at the big hospital. And I’m mid design on a garden that requires a lot of thought. I have to move that along and line the construction date up as money and time running out on current job. Bit of pressure. A walk to the garage it is. Give the dog a treat.

Bit later-Turned out to be a walk and a bus ride, happy dog happy me, less rush, good outcome. Car passed its mot again, excellent for a 10 year old car. The bus driver gave me such a stern talking to for not having the dog on a lead!

Anyways, amid all this worldly stuff, when and how do I look after myself? Old tendencies to rush or ignore the present moment and worry about the future can arise. Exactly when I’m caught up in events, this is when some of the less integrated the self care habits can easily go out the window, and when they are needed.

A hand on the chest, I’m here for you, you are safe, I love you

I’ve been showing clients one that I watched on a trauma psychology site, put a hand under one arm and fold the other arm over. Somatic comforting.

And breathing from low down.

Right, it’s time to read last weeks client notes in prep for the coming session. What an interesting a solitary life I lead. All up to me. Not much support and yet I feel supported. By the universe, by myself. Not a complaint, it’s by design and a result of my tendencies and personality type.

Later on – what a fiasco. Managed to get parked, walked around for ages to find myself in the wrong neurology building and then discovered it was even the wrong day! Meant to be there tomorrow. That’s a warning sign. Too much going on. Went to the bank though, then a visit to the guys then to G and Ms for a lovely much needed chat a delicious lunch. Now to an appointment to the dog groomer and back then to pick her back up in an hour. Quite too much happening and I feel unusually overwhelmed.

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