Not Separate

To connect there and teach the rest of the inner team that it is safe to relax into it, the unchanging self, the ground of being, which is not anything separate.

To learn to connect with that inner power, which can act as an executive function and let it soothe the rest of the insides, any parts that may be a little tentative or reluctant to let go. May we be well, may we be happy, may we be at ease, may we be safe.

Picked up Ewan and Simone yesterday morning and went back again through the woods to the bottle dump, then to Greenbank for delicious outdoor lunch under the luxury of an outdoor heater then to see the thundering waterfalls in another favourite park. Sharing the local joys. 3 parks in one morning! It was a beautiful joyful experience, and even increased by the dog’s joy.

Feeling at one with everything and not noticing boundaries between this and other. This and trees nor this and friends. Good easy loving kind happy relaxed company too. Then some time with T and his GF in the car to Edinburgh airport, with deep serious at times conversations, and gratitude expressed….all lovely. They are back in Portugal now.

Perhaps that is what makes positive people smoother company. The habitual complainers or angry ones appear to make a separation, coming from fear. That’s all good raw material of course, though it is more jaggy to be around. It can easily connect up with old habits inside me.

A time may come when that stuff can’t easily find space in my company. I’ve seen that happen on occasions when I’ve felt strongly rooted in non-separate open empty being – so happy that stuff can’t even arise. First it’s for me to love up those complaining angry parts of my conditioned self. If I’m seeing it, I am it. When it’s not there, I won’t see it. All, if left alone, resolves itself.

And back here. All the visitors gone. Blue sky. Place is quiet again and 8 hours sleep. I maybe a therapy client in half an hour and another walk and talk client at lunchtime. And maybe some garden designing today. Some AI art, a park walk too one way or another. How to use the AI art for upliftment purposes is the mini mission.

Really loving looking after myself. Remembering to put my hand on my chest/heart area and say to myself I’m here for you, you are safe, I love you, I support you.

And sometimes May I be safe, may I be well, may I be at ease

Can be any time, anywhere, doing anything. Out on walks. Any time it occurs, often when a little anxiety arises. Reminders to the inner child that the executive function is present and taking care of everything. Is willing and capable.

Also that the real being is in charge. The non-separate self who is the real Executive of the show, that which is one with all. Is in charge, looking after any part that feels separate, that fears. The plugging into the truth and out of the dream of separation.

What might help others discover that aspect ? Is it meditation…the uncoupling of identification with the passing thoughts inside our minds? How to do this easily would be good to pass to my clients. How to help them discover when all they’ve ever known is the separate scared self. Well I have to speak to that wiser self and I do.

I notice that therapy goes deeper with those who have discovered this never changing always present aspect of themselves, at least we can go deeper. I’m able to support them to be more relaxed with go deeper. Some clients just need a seeming external other to sort of give permission to sit right back inside. Other clients, I’m wading through layers of their resistance and fear and beliefs….

I suppose it just depends where each one is in the journey of awareness. I’m listening to Tom Cambell’s new talk today and fell asleep to it last night. Was another night of 8 hours sleep with 2 hours awake in the middle. Good dreams.

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