‘Oh hello little toes, hello legs’

It was only towards the end of the shower that I realised I hadn’t been really there for the experience. Didn’t notice much other than the contents of my own mind. I was thinking about this and that, about art, U and S and the planned trip today.

Realised as I was stepping out of the shower and I re-landed-in-reality-in-the-flesh-as-it-is-actually-happening-right-now as I dried my body. “Oh hello little toes, hello legs”. I’m here again for the whole sensory experience.

The reward of being here for even these small experiences grows as I allow myself to relax into them. No need to rush of to the next ‘better’ moment. what was I thinking! What next better moment?!

There is hostile weather happening out there. To be in bed late into these mornings and early in the evenings is a luxurious bounty of abundance I’m most grateful for.

Here we are and all we have to do now is move into our own power and sit there. It’s okay to do that, it’s our birthright. Why on earth did most of us grow up feeling deficient? Passed down through generations and held in place by a hierarchical society.

Enough of that, I’m enjoying rebelling. That deficiency creates such a strong sense of ‘I’ and it makes us ‘me-centric’ in our thoughts and considerations since we don’t feel safe in a state of deficiency which is self attack really. Th most egocentric are the more insecure people. The most condiment are the most connected happy and they have little sense of I. They are in a flow state. A series of experiences in which they are present. And full of trust.

That action of stating that I love myself, I respect myself, and I am here for myself is a way of countering those old massages. Taken further this process dissolves the sense of ‘I’ which is a fabrication anyway. It results in an expansiveness in which the post man becomes part of my ‘I’, the trees, the dog. It’s all us. We are not separate and we are definitely not alone.

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