The Revolution is an Inside Job

Little to reflect on personally as it is quiet here inside and out in my immediate environment in the depths of dark winter. These 2 weeks of holiday are appreciated for the way they throw routine up in the air and afford rest from responsibility and new perspectives to arise.

I am aware of the huge changes taking place in the world right now. The potential for individual and so collective transformation and potential fulfilment is enormous.

There’s pain of it all too. The necessary sense of breaking that happens as part of that process. Maybe this is a defence mechanism of mine speaking, I’m not sure. If the context is awakening then I find the pain of the world easier to bear. So that’s the context I choose.

Just had a therapy client, great honesty from them, and progress in a circular slow way as we go round and round the same situations adding insights and fleshing out understanding as we go.

I’m excited about the idea of speeding up this process of expansion by a focus on dropping the deficiency stories and adding more self compassion. That we can surrender to our own immense fabulousness. This is the real revolution that awaits and will be reflected positively in the outer world which will change to adjust.

I feel gratitude for this warm quiet room right now.

Space to do whatever I want

The loving company of the dog

This incredible technology I’m writing on

The opportunity to be creative both on the computer, with the gardens, and with my therapy clients

My good health, and a body that works great every day

For the opportunity to have a positive impact on another’s life and my own

That it’s January and a metaphor for a new beginning

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