Big Changes in the Air

I woke up having the most lovely kiss with Elon Musk! 😂

The felt that was protecting my summerhouse outside blew off over the last few weeks. I asked the ChatGPT what the metaphor could be.

What is a possible metaphor for the protective covering blowing off the roof of a garden shed

A possible metaphor for the protective covering blowing off the roof of a garden shed could be the loss of protection or security in a person’s life. This could refer to the loss of a job or income, the end of a relationship, or any other event that leaves a person feeling vulnerable and exposed. Alternatively, the metaphor could represent the shedding of something that was no longer serving a useful purpose or was holding someone back, allowing them to move forward and grow.

This new technology is sweeping the land. What the implication are I don’t know. I’m using it already though for positive purposes for outlining blogs on my website. For art of course.

And also to understand what the young people are going through. From yesterday. The kids are struggling. A lot. How to be useful requires me to understand. It gave a few variations and this was one.

I have a sense I may die sometime soonish. I’m not noticing much fear of it, more an excitement about what it will be like. I wonder if perhaps life is hinting. I had the stroke in May 2021 and now I have a small aneurism which I’ve to go and get checked again next week. Could be also because I have started to shine more brightly these days, perhaps it’s bringing up some sense of danger to survival. Or the death of something outworn that needs let go of.

Always keep your death close-by was the teaching of Don Juan Matus. It helps to keep things in perspective. Not so easy to be petty when we are mindful that we could die any moment. It opens up a whole new level of extra appreciation of the smallest experiences.

There’s a somber vibration this day. I feel well and at ease and also aware of a lot of suffering going on around me. I’m having such a wonderful time getting this AI to make art and uploading it to Redbubble. I’ve sold 4 already. Not expecting much that way but I’m very much finding that putting in uplifting words which then produce uplifting visuals pretty thrilling. It makes me feel happy.

The distress around is palpable though. There is some almighty change in the air. A lot of facing things. It’s a positive thing ultimately but the immediate effect is dark nights of the soul everywhere. I will do what I can to be useful and help with navigation for anyone that asks. And remember that it’s breakthrough energy. The Tower in the Tarot. Painful breaking down and surrendering of the old in order for the new potential to emerge. Time for compassion and self compassion.

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