Recovery Time

‘Twas a mixed bag our Xmas. And now I’m recovering my marbles back here with some space on my own again.

In the wondrous wild west coast in 2 cottages with my delightful son and gf, lovely friends and…..and my mum. Oh jeez. That was hard. Nightmarish. She was controlling, instructional, critical and nearly constantly so. That was so hard to be around. It wasn’t just me who found it difficult too, we all did. Though it very much triggered me from having had a childhood of it. And she was also very funny at one point making us laugh doing rap songs generated by the AI. It wasn’t all awful by any means, many fun moments, mostly without her. Long walks with my son and his gf J and my friends. Lots of visits to the cottage from old friends I haven’t seen since before covid.

And there was a long long heavy psychological group conversation, the 7 of us all being open about the mental health issues that 4 of the group were going through. and at the end, my articulate son shot me and Steph down in flames with our solution focused approach and it almost seemed to undo any glimmers of hope that were planted. As he was saying it was a generational thing that we don’t understand. I am concerned about the youngest of the group, K who is 21. He may be a suicide risk as he is deep in hopelessness. My son at least has his gf and she has him and he does fossil hunting and has ideas of uplifting plans. I’m loving him being here and really like his gf. They have gone out for the day.

I don’t know what to do about K, how to be of help. He is my closest friend’s son. I sent some AI playground stuff on the dissertation he has to write for uni. And let him know I was here if he want to talk about anything. So many people around me seem to be struggling. What if he killed himself and there was something I could have done, we could have done and didn’t do that might have made a difference. I need some help with this. I don’t know what else I can do. I’m putting suicidal,in the tags for this in case anyone can come up with something. I do t even know what it’s like to feel depressed. Anxious yes, but not depressed.

Off to the woods in this pouring rain. Ask the universe for help.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Susan. And sorry to hear about the person who might be suicidal.
    I have not had contact with deeply suicidal people yet and don‘t really know what to suggest for sure…. but – what came to my mind was what I have read about NDEs, about Jurgen Ziewe’s out of body experiences, and also about life-between-lives regression hypnosis cases.
    And these cases suggested that consciousness survives the death of the physical body.
    And not only does consciousness survive, but also the emotional baggage is taken over into the afterlife.
    And what is worse is that the content of consciousness (thoughts and emotions) manifest into the surroundings more quickly than in our realm here on earth (see Jurgen Ziewe’s reports on his youtube channel).

    So, unfortunately, there is no escape from issues when the physical body is dead. To make matters worse, the one who has done suicide usually reincarnates quickly again and ends up with a life plan similar to his previous life where the same lessons have to be addressed again.
    At least that is my understand of the consequences of suicide after what I‘ve read.

    Is the young person aware of this?
    I don‘t know whether sharing this knowledge would be the correct thing to do. I leave that up to you and what your intuition guides you to do.

    The closest I have come to counseling someone who is depressed is in this post :

    I hope this helps.

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    1. Thanks Karin. He is a rationalist and would not entertain those ideas unfortunately. What you say is aligned with how I think it may play out after we die.

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      1. Oh, okay, if he is not open to those ideas, then I don‘t know what to do.
        Coincidentally, many posts about suicidal thoughts seem to just pop up everywhere yesterday and today on the internet pages I read, even in forums where I would not expect it.
        So, I keep thinking of your WP post here.
        One of the posts was this one of today: . The post and the comments suggest that talking about it is quite important – maybe in groups.


      2. Really appreciate your input thank you. I’ll have a read. We have almost zero access to him, he is nocturnal and says no to invitations to come for walks etc. I’m actually considering a kitten in a box left outside his door! With the proviso that I’ll take it if it’s too much for him. Then again another friend says I should try not interfering and he needs to find it within himself to take steps, the way we have all had to I suppose at times. I don’t know depression though….anxiety yes, but not being able to rouse oneself in any way is alien to me.

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