Different Rhythm

A little bumpy adjusting last night to not having my usual near complete peace and solitude! Young people drinking and loud music going on in the house. It’s so different. Happy to have T here and to see him happy and loving and caring with his first serious gf, who is very likeable and arrived earlier. Both staying for 10 days or so. Just noticing the arrival of a bit of chaos in my environment and it’s effect. It’s not as tidy. I have become accustomed to order around me.

Day was a lot of last minute Xmas running around, I did the food shopping for the 8 of us, then an airport trip, then the park. Off tomorrow to the remote countryside, got a lot of lovely old friends I’m looking forward to seeing. Feeling a little edgy about spending 4 days with my mum and the rest of them. Also open to finding a more loving space to occupy in relation to that relationship.

Now reconnecting to some reconnecting with inner silence getting some space and watching something quiet and sane.

This little passage appeared by James Low which I took as good advice

We can be like seaweed swaying in the tides, sliding over other people, close enough to touch yet not scratching, forcing or demanding. By being moved myself, I am part of the co-emergent movement along with you. By not fixing the definition of my identity in a particular pattern of movement, I don’t mind being affected by you.

All my shapes are me, equally me. I, as open awareness, gain or lose nothing by shifting shape. Allowing my shaping to be co-emergent, my energy is for the other, for the world, for spontaneous intrinsically ethical participation in the field of non-duality. As we awaken to our groundless ground we find the free movement of its energy arises effortlessly.


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