Lot Happening

Son arrived home for Xmas, his gf arriving tomorrow, finishing up the construction side this week for the 2 week holiday. Got a new super garden client with a large budget. Last week of counselling before the break and that’s all going well. Convincing people they are lovable and it’s time to love themselves more. Going away to a west coast cottage with the family on Friday for 5 days. Flux.

And inside. Well the still centre of the turning world continues to make itself felt. And with growing confidence. It’s all okay. Creativity is pouring forth naturally without any intent or effort. What is said, decided…I have no control it seems and I’m going with it. A taste of life with much less fear. Lot of gratitude emerging spontaneously. At peace.

The joy of doing worthwhile work.

Now I ain’t lost my humbleness and I’m curious to see what happens with some days in the near wilderness with family including historically triggering for me characters. All will be well whatever happens.

I feel thrilled to have my son here. Straight into the deepest conversations and sharings. Love him to bits.

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