Unnecessary Thinking

Feeling odd, bit off centre. Let me drop into my feelings right now, what do I experience in my body? What sensation and where? There’s a little tightness in the throat. Some fear. Yes very throaty. I breath from my tummy and let the sensation be there. Hello I say to it.

Being asked to relax within circumstances of minor adversity. That is the lesson. It’s minus 7 degrees, the men are all having to stay off, probably all week. So that means no work progress so no pay from client. I’m supposed to pay them all legally I think, but with what if I’m not being paid. They would work if they could but they can’t due to circumstances outwith their control. I get the argument but if there isn’t money….am I supposed to borrow it, use up our tax reserves, use my personal savings? The legislation does not make it easy to run a small business.

Things is I just watched my head go bla bla bla in the previous paragraph and there’s no need for any of that type of thought. I’m tempted to delete it.

By payday I will know what to do and do it. I can trust that now. I’ve had it demonstrated time and time again that there’s no need for mind to tie itself in knots trying to work things out.

Elsewhere in life, I’m considering completing my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology. I’ve got the diploma so just the dissertation and research to complete. I’ve been pondering on whether to do it on awakening and if there’s any importance to positive and negative self regard. Or some way of researching self love and transcendence. That’s quite exciting.

I’m marching on while Rome is burning behind me 😂

I have a therapy client then I’m meeting E for a frosty walk.

Found some old pics while tidying up yesterday.

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