well, that fear I’ve talked about on here…

…..for years that became a sort of a plan has just become a reality. News arrived that the next job is not going ahead after all and so that likely means that the men don’t have work from mid January. I’m trying to stay ‘big picture’ on it but details come to mind. My mind, that superb threat detection system that anticipates problems before they happen. Thanks mind. So it’s just reminding me that without that income I wont have that turnover to pay the rest of the business expenses. Unless something appears between now and then, which is unlikely with people focussed on Xmas.

So for the first time ever I informed the men that they will likely have to take unpaid leave and find their own work from then till the next job is lined up. That will be a shock I think. Im in a bit of shock. This hasn’t happened in the 20 years I’ve been doing this.

Was I expecting I’d have more time to make this transition. And then, my friend J pointed out that sometimes life just unexpectedly says JUMP! And it feels like that. It’s all about to change. I have been talking about leaving this business for a while, and it has been beautifully smooth and organic the way the therapy practice has started stepping in.

I did put the intent out there. I wanted to keep the design side and do therapy only. Now that has opened up into manifestation. Careful what you wish for lol. I don’t think this is the end of the construction side and other jobs will come in. I don’t know how this will all emerge in the next few months. I do suspect the men may be feeling insecure and that is distressing.

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