Monday light chit chat.

I was feeling a little low earlier. I have a price to do for a risky job, and the uncertainty of it …well I felt a little afraid. My thoughts wove a little tale of what could go wrong.

Then I remembered my joy. It is in there all the time just waiting for me to tune into it.

Love the line in Light on the Path “Listen to the song of life. Store in your memory the melody you hear. Learn from it the lesson of harmony.” The song of life is a natural melody, an obscure fount in every human heart, underlying all of nature and springing from that One Source from which all came and to which all will return.”

Had a couple of counselling clients today. Both quite profound sessions. Big chat about resistance with the first and the second told me a secret she had never told anyone, and cried with relief. Very profound indeed. I feel honoured to be trusted to that extent.

One client yesterday, well we were both on fire, our combined power doubled or tripled into the deepest wider expansive oceanic blissful sanity and giddy heights. That was superb.

A chat with my 2 therapy buddies online last night was deep, mutually affirmative and also difficult in places. The topic.

I’ve got a client at 6pm from Ireland on the phone.

Otherwise I’ve been updating my website today a little. Playing with the AI chat bot. It’s incredible. Some good chats with my son on WhatsApp and a little mum interaction about Xmas. My son wants to cook for us all. He’s bringing his girlfriend which is nice.

At Rouken Glen the other day for a change
With the pals last night

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