Conversing with Fear

Feeling a bit uptight this morning. Hmmm. Curious about what’s happening.

‘Hello again fear, how it’s going. Anything you want to say? I’m happy to give you space and to listen’, I say.

‘Well this is all so new, you’re galloping ahead into unchartered territory and we are trying to put the breaks on a bit, so you’re feeling the discomfort of that resistance. We don’t like new unknown territory one bit, we prefer the known, it feels familiar and much safer. And you have a job to secure for the men and that’s a concern and needs attention. There’s a current job too, the snagging for the previous one, a lot of therapy clients, and new ones arriving. You’re blasting adverts out too and might bring even more, we are worried about how you will manage. You’re not the greatest organiser, you could start making mistakes and that might effect your reputation. And you are off developing your website too and planning YouTube videos, which we find very uncomfortable indeed. We are worried your new happiness is leading you into danger’, fear tumbles all this out.

So I have been turning towards myself, hand on heart with ‘I love you I’m here for you, you’re supported, you’re safe’. Fears are stimulated and I take soothing action in response. In bed at night and this morning. And even making the tea I talk kindly and lovingly to myself. And right now. I turn with compassion toward myself and breath from low down in the body. Respect to those fears who are trying to protect us.

My happiness and lessened anxiety is leading me into exploring and expanding out into a greater fullness of expression and creativity. This is indeed unknown territory, wonderful fresh and exciting.

Wow, thank you for all of this.

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