Loving everything…

….is the direction this is going. And that is exciting and quite scary too when I think of what I still have an aversion to. How do I love the disturbed feelings I get from the regular noises upstairs, and the noises themselves? How do I love the disturbed response I get to my mum’s aggression….to the aggression itself? Well, nobody said it would be easy!

High vibration vibes incoming or rising up in here just now. Insides feel huge and continue to expand – like the whole world is in my abdomen.

Accommodating and noticing responses. Some waves of anxiety, though can’t even call them that….more an ambiguous unease of a sense out of being out of my depth with all this letting go. And knowing there’s nothing to do about it anyway, it’s okay.

Prompted to notice the feeling of connecting with my heart. Placing a hand across the chest gently brings a soothing grounding deep into the body. The sizzling energy around the head can take attention there and it’s good to be reminded of the body, the breathing, the heart. Finding that consistently breathing lower down into the body is very powerful.

I’m getting to play with all the normal day to day experiences, but for the first time from this new state. I seem to be happy much of the time. Attention is attracted, curious and wanders to awful news items, then a no comes from inside, ‘not that’. Experiences seem to be intensified and at the same time mostly experienced as smoother. There is a slightly unread sense.

And life continues as normal. Going to see a construction client shortly then to the park in the rain, and happy about all that.

Exciting new ideas are forming and after so much resting action is starting to beckon. I’m scared! Will I do a YouTube video? Yes, it is coming.

Was asking the AI what mobile phones will look like in the future and it came up with this nice little square one. I’d get it!

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