“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”Cicero

1. My adorable son, my very long term friends and family and lovely dog. My new friends E, R, E and S.

2. Nature. Which has been a constant friend. Having 360 acres of woodland, waterfalls, a river, fields, cows and wildlife across the road within walking distance

3. Good health. I appreciate at 57 that my body isn’t in pain and works beautifully well. I’m the right weight and eat healthily. Resting heart rate is around 55, I sleep very deeply and I exercise every day.

4. I love myself now. This has brought a lot of unexpected changes and joys and benefits. The self criticism I tortured myself with most of my life has all but disappeared. I care for myself as someone I am in charge of looking after. I make decisions that benefit me. I’m not afraid of my feelings now, even the most painful. I allow myself to feel more joy. I treasure and look after the calmness I have found.

5. For the simple things. Apples, bananas. Toast and marmalade. This warm room, the comfy seat, the cups of tea. The familiarity of my surroundings. The safety of the area.

6. Having a new career and role that works well for me and I’m suited to. The joy of connecting so deeply with people.

7. Being on a journey and an adventure to find myself. The mysteries of life unfolding, getting to solve the puzzles of myself, the way it can progress and improves. The whole experience of it.

8. The plants, the PLANTS! How much joy the beauty of the plants bring, and the company of living beings, the amaryllis coming out.

9. The reliable comfortable car that transports me around.

10. The wisdom of the many teachers that have and still guide me.

My dreams. David Young…I had found his apartment in the city, had gone to find it just to be near to him. His window was ajar, I heard him give a little cough. I didn’t hang around, afraid he might sense my presence and be hostile. Then I’m in his room with K and he is giving us money for a job, £100 to me in a roll. I don’t count it, I put it in my pocket. In that dream I loved hearing his cough, just hearing him in the dream, being close to him. I savoured it.

In another dream I’m with 2 people who run the Michael Singer book club I go to on weekends online. We are somewhere very very sacred and special. In a deep state of reverence and awe. There’s pyramids in the distance. There’s water arriving, I see it and I collect their belongings and alert them. That was a lovely one. With wise loving people in a special place.

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