Best use of Time

How best to use this time in life? There’s been a lot of resting and deep inner transformative work going on recently. I can feel that starting to change.

Perhaps enquiring if I would be doing exactly this if I found out I had 5 years to live? Only 2 years to live. Only 1 year to live.

This question helps to check I’m living my highest purpose.

After writing that I found myself updating an advert for Facebook which I put in about 15 pages I’m a member of. The Force works fast when it’s time!

I do have something I am called to share with people. How to end the deficiency story most of us carry around.

I have made such leaps and bounds myself in practicing the tools I have and to share that is a delight and a big honour.

I don’t need to describe in detail how different the world would be if we all loved ourselves. There would be the phasing out of all this competing for resources and all that goes with it.

I feel driven to share what I have learned and the well-being and confidence that comes with it. And that opportunity is organically growing beautifully. Thank you.

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