Powerful and Strong

What a time. A momentous time of balancing. Making sure all the inner characters are being heard. The learning that I can navigate the waves of feelings inside. I don’t have to be thrown off balance. So now I don’t have to be afraid of the feelings. Or the testing experiences that life brings. What a freedom that is. And it inclines me towards being more honest, since I’m not afraid to admit what I’m experiencing to myself and others.

I had to overcome the initial resistance to feeling the uncomfortable feelings with a bit of courage, and drop into the body and be with the sensation as it is felt in the body. Give it space and permission to be there. And that’s it. I used Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s marvellously effective video which talks through what to do. And here he is explaining how it works in another video very clearly.

The challenge is now the willingness to use the tool in all situations. In some situations I’m still sometimes indulging negative emotions and justifying blame with my thoughts. That’s on its way out though.

And the learning that it’s okay to be comfortable with my own beautiful power and strength. To love and cherish myself fully. The confidence this brings is a delight and a joy.

Today I meet a walk and talk therapy client in the park in an hour. It’s a beautiful day for it with blue skies. Then in the afternoon a friend is coming and we are going to my mum’s art exhibition. She invited us and her friends will be there. That works well….that sort of interaction.

AI art theme today is the Mother of the World or Mother Goddess, here’s a few

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