Resting and grateful

Noticed this mind wandering in the shower. It was thinking of nothing in particular, just going bla bla bla with its commentary on this and that as it does.

So I noticed and brought my attention to the feel of the water, to the sounds and to what I can see, the smell of the raspberry shampoo.

I thanked the shower for the instant hot water, and looked down and thanked my legs for working so well. I came to appreciate this simple moment of showering.

There. That’s better to be in this present moment where I actually live. Much much better. Here reality is.

And now as I sit at the kitchen table I hear and smell food cooking, feel the weight of the body in the comfortable chair resting after a walk. The temperature is perfect. In the present moment life is just fine.

Even the creaking neighbours upstairs. Part is disturbed by it, and that part can just be disturbed. Then there’s another part that doesn’t mind at all. It’s just what is happening. It’s just ongoing changing city scenery.

“You might want to ask yourself, what part of “me” isn’t offended? Find that place”. Eric Gross

Had one very deep session with a client then a walk and talk one in the park with another. Beautiful day. Happy dog. Resting now. Grateful.

Hours and hours playing with the art AI generator yesterday. Wonderful fun.

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