Feeling Safe

In bed as I awoke at 4am I said to myself gently

I’m here for you

I care about you

You are loved

Nothing is wrong

You are safe

All is well

Whatever phrase occurred I let it arise. One or two new ones came.

I happily drifted back to sleep feeling secure.

Feeling safe. No entertaining of imagined possible problems, the worries. Let’s not go there. Instead I can reassure and be a friend to myself. And be in the present moment and notice that it’s safe here.

Then to the shower. I let the bathrobe slip off gently and I feel it soft against my skin. Remove feet from the slippers. Little tiny lovely experiences flitting past, they make up much of a life these. I feel the water on my skin. Smell the raspberry shampoo and watch the water and bubbles spiral down the drainage hole. Hear the men sweeping leaves outside. Thanks guys.

Life carries on, might as well notice it all and savour it. Multisensory marvel. And open up to even enjoying the uncomfortable sensory experiences as part of that marvellous dynamic display. Move them from the not wanted folder into the allowed and end the resistance to those ones.

I have 2 therapy clients this morning. Then the men to see and a nature walk. Here’s a couple,of photos from yesterdays walks during the day and one at night. Doing what the body wants- today so far, a few pickled onions, 2 dried figs and a passion fruit, glass of very diluted fresh orange juice..

Like how the security light glinted through the doorway space
There’s a large hollow filled with soft leaves that I sometimes lie down in.
And this is what I saw, magnificence.

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