Calming the Nervous System

A nine hour sleep last night and as I awoke I put my hand on my heart and said

I am here for you

You are supported

You are safe

You are loved

It felt reassuring. The fears don’t get any attention, in fact they barely even try and pop up.

I’m repeating this new habit which has been bringing a peace of mind I almost didn’t dare hope I could experience, yet here it is.

I was listening to a motivational speaker yesterday called Mel Robbins, who also stumbled across the same secret. She randomly ‘high fived’ herself in the mirror one miserable morning, and it hit her like a welcome storm. She experienced that if a self affirmation was backed up with a physical action that symbolised support, encouragement and positivity – the effect was multiplied many times. It got through to and communicated with the nervous system, and so didn’t stay as a purely mental exercise.

Like me putting my hand on my heart or giving myself a hug. Communication that calms not only the nervous system, it maybe also communicates with the subconscious.

What can we physically do while we say to ourselves ‘I love you, you are safe, I’m here with you, you are supported’….?

There’s the self hug.

There’s giving our arm a lit gentle rub.

There’s cupping our faces in our hands gently.

We can give one hand a gentle affectionate squeeze with the other hand.

And we can look in the mirror at other times and just say ‘Yeah!’.

Yesterday I looked after my nervous system. I didn’t watch crap on Netflix that often results in an inner tension. I spent the time online enjoying doing art with the AI machine. And researching what is out there and what people are saying about learning to love ourselves. I’m still weaning myself off of material that stimulates the hyper alert state. The news. It’s a bit of an addiction. To relax completely is the new challenge and project.

It was a peachy day even though raining. Listened to Black Sabbath loud in the car, letting the bass penetrate into the body, really feel it, move to it a bit, singing along happy. Feels very soothing to the nervous system.

Moody wet weather out walking up the river. Saw a salmon leaping up the waterfall, and a kingfisher, a moor hen, crows bathing, some fungi. Sat and had a bounce on the bouncy branch while the dog ate grass. My inner state was calm and present. Not much resistance present and I said the Gayatri quite a few times when I found the mind wanted to wander. In the evening I returned in the dark for another one in the rain round the house.

Exercise is so good for the nervous system. Using the senses, being consciously in them. Giving this nervous system time to wind down now. Little by little as it feels safe to. A notch or two a day. Enjoyed my new wellies too, much better soles and grip in the mud. How symbolic! walking in them feeling more safe and secure.

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