Saturday Morning

Blissful spacious love, I surrender into you. I give myself full permission to relax further and further into a backdrop of happy joyfulness and gratitude, into the arms of appreciation and forgiveness.

I allow myself to enter this new unfamiliar and yet old territory. I know this place. It resonates of ‘back home-ness’. It is the most natural feeling in the world and yet still, a little daunting.

It might have been a while, and there maybe some mistaken beliefs obstructing the view that need to be addressed. That’s the painful bit and where some courage helps and a humbleness are called upon to thanks and lay down the defences.

Unconditional positive self regard. I’m bathing in loving self talk and allowing that to remind me of what was true all along. That I am, we are lovable, worthy and good enough.

That I am here for myself

I support myself

I am not alone.

I am my own best friend.

Encouraging myself and chumming myself along as I take further steps into surrendering to being the love that is at the core of my nature. Generous, kind, supportive, warm and welcoming to myself and others.

I feel a lot less scared now. I experience a calmness like never before. A base state of stable well-being.

There’s a clarity and a clear confidence, that seems to come ‘through’ me. It pours through me in the words that are expressed with my clients. I observe this as it is happening talking to them, and marvel a little at the appropriateness of the words that come out. How did I know to say that?!

I notice even more clearly when I’m ‘off’ centre which does happen at times. When I interrupt a client too much as enthusiasm takes a bit too much of a hold of the nervous system. And I love and accept myself regardless, and next time I will be mindful to listen more.

A little ‘off’ when dealing with old friends. How to relate from this place when it can sound unfamiliar to them. I notice myself falling into habitual responses, and how ‘off’ that feels. And I love and accept myself and them.

Less talking more listening perhaps may help to navigate this.

Gentle, gentle.

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