Gratitude and Good Times

Was a beautiful and happy day yesterday in the pouring rain. I met a client for a couple of hours at the nursery and we had a delightful experience choosing plants. Then home to dry off and change clothes, and back out to visit Emily at her place, where we had such a feast of a conversation. Rich sharing and learning and love and gratitude and hugs exchanged. Also an exercise for me in allowing greater happiness in. Thanks for that.

I shared my list with her

Say about yourself :

I love you

I respect you

I care about you

I want the best for you

I appreciate you

I like you

I value you

I’m here for you

You are held

You are safe

You are not alone

You are lovable

You are accepted

I support you

I appreciate you

I believe in you

I love you

You are cared for

I embrace you

You are loved

You are doing great

I respect myself

I am lovable

I am enough

I like myself

I care about myself

I’m grateful to myself

I love myself

I appreciate you

I approve of myself

I am loved

I am safe

I am valued

I love myself

I accept myself

I trust myself

I’m glad to be me

I took the dog straight to the park after that and up the river into the woods and another beautiful little chapter of a glorious day. And then to the Indian restaurant for some take away pakora and curry. Keep forgetting to eat and the body was complaining with stomach grumbles. Then a nice interaction with Malin – sent him some gothic type AI art he asked for for his book.

I particularly enjoyed having free rein discussing spiritual matters with E. And it’s the same with R. Both from the Christian tradition, and so believe in the transcendent to some degree and a relationship with the divine. I enjoyed being able to talk freely in that way.

Got a counselling client shortly then another for a walk and talk in the park. And dinner tonight at my mums with cousin H and her 8 year old daughter.

I feel gratitude for a great day yesterday and for the one that is unfolding now.

Museum in the park

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