No Complaints

The leaves are falling at quite a pace now, and darkness closes in as winter approaches. I make the house bright and warm and cheerful. I’m munching on stuffed olives and strawberries.

Yesterday consisted of a business mentor meeting, a therapy client, 2 walks, couple of interactions with the men and Cad technician, some design work, and a gigantic long rest during the day from 12 pm till 5pm including a 1.5 hour sleep. What a lifestyle this is! I don’t know what to say about it. I told the business mentor about it. He wasn’t sure either about how to regard all this time I have.

He defined it as ‘additional capacity’ and suggested I was either happy with it as a lifestyle or could use it to develop one of the 3 businesses I have now. (Not really 3, the AI art is an experiment).

Additional capacity. Yet what quality of ‘capacity’ do I have as I lay on the sofa every day needing to rest, but not actually getting rested by it and not able to focus on very much.

He is really pretty helpful, almost by mistake at times, anticipating next moves I have already thought of and bringing them out. What’s next with the counselling tools – to gather them together in a book, and then he is talking YouTube videos, training to present videos, and he’s off into my possible future….he said he found me most engaging when I told my own story and when I talk of helping people to love themselves.

I had a fabulous session with my 5pm therapy client. Did a lot lot of listening and then in the last 15 minutes we got to ‘I love you V, I care about you V, I respect you V….’ And so on and she repeated it after me using her own name after each sentence for impact and in full trust. And after about 5 minutes, she started beaming and shining as she felt the presence of her own strength step forward to take over. It was a beautiful sight. I felt energised by seeing this. Someone one going from arguing for her sense of deficiency to sitting in her power and strength.

After that at dusk we went back out. Drove round through the park to the big house and out back over the stone bridge into the fields and stood by the river as the bats swooped around us out hunting. Bliss. I met 2 men I sort of know on the way back and had a fine little friendly interaction with one who I used to bump into and get on with.

The morning was blissful too, out in the sunshine with the dog in the morning, heavenly precious moments of joy in nature. Watched crows mob and chase away a large buzzard.

I have a therapy client this morning shortly. Then I maybe go and see the men, maybe not. Definitely to the park.

From the old stone bridge
Where I have lunch often
A bat hunting
Down the Lane
The bridge yesterday morning

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