You are held, you are cared for, you are loved

Out into the Sunday morning sunshine, a slow amble along the swollen river to the now rather muddy edge of the woods by the old curling pond.

Then across the field where I found a magic spot and just lay down in the grass. Not so wet when one’s weight is spread right out.

Snuggled into the earth close as I could be. The dog came up and curled right next to me. The two of us in the beautiful warm morning sunshine. We are below the level of the strong breeze going through the high tree branches around us. Heaven.

Just lying there for 20 minutes maybe, looking, basking, experiencing….the air, the crows and pigeons, the sounds, the golden grass stalks in the sunlight. Perfection. Comfy in these moments. So much happening, and so little happening. I love to watch the dog and her senses on alert as she takes it all in. Then the bright blue flash of a kingfisher and later, an otter. Then the supermarket and home. To the sofa. A whole lot of resting going on this weekend.

Last night it was a 9 hour sleep. The morning meditation once again was reminding myself that I love and accept myself. Whenever I awake through the early hours, a phrase or two, then back to a deeply restful sleep.

You are held

you are cared for,

you are loved.

I support you

I love you

I’m here for you.

I embrace you

I respect you

I love myself

I love you Susan

So many different combinations are arising spontaneously.

This is building resilience. A personal onboard support system that never leaves, through easy or hard times. Never to abandon ourselves again. It’s a revolution inside.

Yesterday I shared it with a client. It was received very positively. Today if it feels supported, I will perhaps share this with the 2 clients I’m seeing this morning. Ask them to repeat after me to help to normalise it. And get over the initial strangeness and taboo of talking to ourselves in this way. And also give space for any resistance that comes up to be discussed.

I plan to visit the men today with plans for the next project starting this week and see how the current project is looking.

Breezy and sunny outside. Inside the house it’s warm and quiet and still. It’s a good day.

Glimpse of an otter

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