I love, I respect and I like Myself

Breakfast in the park and walk with a friend in the morning, then a deeply restful afternoon yesterday. After that a Michael Singer book club meeting and a further little bonus evening park walk. Happy dog, and happy mind body and soul here.

The book club meeting was pretty wonderful, with many people sharing openly and deeply. I really bask in well-being at those meetings. What a trusting atmosphere.

On Saturdays it’s Michael Singer’s book, ‘the Untethered Soul’ and on Sundays it’s his new book. So a passage is read out and people are free to share after it something of their own experience related to it. It was really deep stuff.

I shared what I’ve been doing to heal the relationship with myself recently. I wasn’t going to and then I just felt I had to, that it might be helpful to someone. Plus the fact that I was afraid and self conscious made me want to do it even more.

Do I let my own little fearful self protectiveness and self consciousness and fear of being judged, stop me sharing something that may be useful or healing for someone else to hear?

The answer was definitely not. And it was really received so well and with gratitude. I’m glad I did. Such a simple thing that I shared too.

The way I have been talking to myself kindly, and particularly in the mornings as I wake up. How I’m learning to be my own best friend.

I love you Susan

I respect you

I am lovable

I am worthy of love

I admire you

I like you

I’m here for you

I value you

You are not alone

You are lovable

You are good enough

I appreciate you

I am glad to be me

I respect myself

I really like myself

I’m grateful for my qualities

It’s good to be me

This is the restoration and healing of a breach that appeared to take place at some point in life.

An apparent self rejection, a judgment of self as not worthy or good enough. Even a self hatred that crept in, in response to the negative behaviour we received in the hands of others. We could not see they were mistaken, so we automatically judged ourselves as lacking.

But the truth is we are not lacking or inadequate, or unworthy or guilty or deficient.

These simple repetitive statements restore the truth to its rightful place. In charge, leading the way. The rest can just fall into place.

It’s Sunday morning. It’s all quiet. The city is mostly asleep out there. The sky is blue. The house is warm, the dog is happy. I am also happy and well and grateful.

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