Thank you Body, thank you Shower…

I look down at my body standing there and I thank it for working so well. Then I thank the shower, for bringing me instant warm water whenever I want it.

I give a nod of thanks to the long production line of inventors and designers and workers and all those involved with making that happen. I thank the towel warming ready for me on the radiator and get dried off and dressed. Clean clothes, clean hair, a new day. Thank you.

Wow, to that 9 hour sleep and thank you. What a joy that I am able to do what this body needs. Again when I awakened here and there, I said ‘I love you, I’m here for you’ to myself. And back to sleep.

Was quite a solitary day yesterday, I suppose that is not unusual at all actually! I went up the river with the dog. Feeling noticeably at ease in my own skin. I am mindful of my breathing from low in the body. Very relaxing. I notice my mind wandering and I gently bring the attention back to the senses, in this present moment.

At various times I said to myself, ‘I love you’. ‘I’m here for you’. Its naturally occurring to me to do this recently. I receive such a positive feeling from it, and a sense of being looked after.

I met a lady in the woods in the rain who is normally quite grumpy but we had a lovely little walk together and chat, and looked at the purple mushrooms. I sat on the bouncy branch for a while and showed her the old water spring.

Then I had tea, a flapjack and ice cream for lunch. Despite the sound of that, my eating habits are so very healthy these days. Lot of seaweed and olives recently, some hummus, bit of cheese, lot of fruit. No big meals.

A minor, though significant to me change I wanted to note here, is the bra hasn’t gone back on, it is a kinder comfier version of normal. Everything unnecessary seems to be falling aside.

Thoughts of my son come and go, and I wish him well and hope he is finding his way. 29 now. I come back here and rest on the sofa. The body seems happy to do that. My mind, well I don’t know how to entertain that these days. It may be that truly doing nothing is being asked for. Perhaps today’s experiment. Meeting a friend for a walk this morning.

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