New Day

New Life. New reset perhaps. Something does feel very very different.

Just about in the clear covid wise, the test shows a very thin line. I don’t know if people are even testing now. Maybe I’m living in a private little bubble, like those Japanese soldiers who didn’t realise the war was over till then were found 20 years later!

Having to remind myself how to deal with wayward thoughts again, especially the seductive fearful sort, after a long while of the luxury of not having them even appear. What a joy that was. Day after day of near zero thoughts. And also zero spiritual seeking too. No chasing wisdom of any kind really. Just a place free of wanting.

The scary thoughts have returned a bit though, especially in the dark of the night. Had another nightmare type of dream again, I read that’s quite common after covid.

I got a chance to see the contrast between the world that fear paints and it’s opposite, the world as it is. The threat detecting prediction machine that is the mind, is constantly ‘mocking up’ awful scenarios with unhappy outcomes to try to help me to avoid them, but just makes me feel afraid, pessimistic and unhappy. And it shuts of the magic of possibilities.

So I just took my attention to the immediate experience of what is sensed right now. I felt the comfort of the bedding, the bed, the softness, the quiet of the house, the night out there. I started to feel grateful and thankful for it all. That I am safe and well. Thank you.

That’s it really. Just a quick turnaround, a choice of what I give my precious attention to.

My mum is bringing the dog home in an hour 🙂

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