Covid Day 8

Feeling better physically each day. Calm and still inside too. Not much thought going on. Mind starting to wonder a little bit what to do now that sleeping or lying down all day doesn’t seem required. I’m still testing positive though so not ready for long walks yet. Might have a quick one round the block and see how that is.

Symptoms are minimal, a few coughing fits last night woke me up, and had a couple this morning so far. Bit weak. And still no taste or smell or appetite. Been checking blood oxygen levels and it hasn’t gone below 98. I have been taking ivermectin, fluoxetine, quertecin, vitamin c and d, zinc, magnesium. Nasal spray, mouth wash. No idea which if any work, though none will do any harm.

Going to eat something properly today, more than the odd grape, am down to 9 stone 2 pounds now. No bad thing, quite a nice side effect actually to shed a few pounds. Bit fast though. 4 pounds in a week. Eating porridge now, can’t taste it at all. I realised that there’s been next to no sugar consumption.

Got that ‘still centre of the turning world’ feeling just now. It’s all going on out there and I have not stepped foot outside for a week now. The world doesn’t need me and I haven’t needed the world. Not so much anyway. Apparently I’m one of the last to get it, and almost everyone else has.

Tomorrow I have a therapy client, thought it was today, but glad it’s tomorrow, still feel a bit spacey and out of it. I’m not sure how well my brain is working. I still can’t take anything very intelligent or deep in. and I have barely been thinking about anything for a week.

Surrounded by such beautiful stillness and silence here. In a cocoon. and I’ve learned how to settle in and just be with that this week. To do nothing except be. It’s been an opportunity to be kind towards myself, to prioritise what the body wants. Haven’t left this sofa again today. One 2 hour sleep, then another.

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