Day 7

Though I’m told it’s really day 6, first day of symptom onset doesn’t count. Awake after another long but broken sleep, now sitting up in bed and feeling exhausted, just as if it’s time to snuggle down go to bed at night time. I get up anyway. Getting dressed is fine though I feel the body is a bit strained. Less of a cough now. Nearly gone I think. No sniffles either or sore throat or headache etc.

I lost all taste and smell yesterday. That was a shock. I’ve never experienced zero taste or smell before. I looked it up and Day 5-6 is a common stage for this to happen. And they can’t tell you when it will come back!

I’ve been reading about covid for 3 years and here I am with it, and it isn’t nice at all. Not what I expected. I’m pretty shocked actually by the severity, and I don’t even have the shortness of breath that many get, not yet anyway. the brain fog is interesting. I still can barely read or take in anything intelligent.

My dog is still at my mum’s they both sound happy. Wondering when I will feel well enough to go for park walks again, feels like a while anyway. Im in stasis here. Have not driven in 6 days or been out. A big blanket keeps enfolding me up into it. It’s pouring with rain anyway today. I’m sitting at the kitchen table writing this and just want to go and lie down. miles better than the first few days though, this is just like a lingering fatigue now. Body keeps wanting to lie down.

Loving this apartment, it is so quiet and cosy. I’m very lucky I have this time and space to get better at my own pace. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering just lying down or sitting and being, breathing, aware.

Wondering how work will unfold since I haven’t lined any up. And in comes a surprise resignation from a guy who I like but who has been pretty useless for many years. Unexpected turn of events. Now down to 4 guys, fewer to be concerned about now.

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