Work Change in the Air

I can sort of intuit where the this lack of work for the men situation might be going. If no job is ready in time for the men to go onto in 2 or 3 weeks. They will get paid for their week or two untaken holidays and temporarily laid off. Well in time to find something else for Xmas. They then have to take other jobs with landscape companies. They may be keen to return when they discover how easy they have had it with me. It’s much stricter elsewhere in almost every way, longer hours and they have less autonomy. I then get work lined up for after the new year. Perhaps for many months by then and into mid next year.

I invite them back, though self employed this time. Maybe then the business can make some money. And they will have more money in their hands and have a choice whether and how to pay tax. No more employer employee relationship. Which I never took to. Maybe they don’t want to come back though, and that’s a risk I take.

It would be a shock and wouldn’t go down well. It’s not what they want. Or what I want either, we seem to be trundling along quite well these days. Maybe it’s time for a change though. Let’s see how it unfolds.

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