Bit of a Crash

Not feeling well at all now. Was a bit iffy in the morning but thought it was breathing in the gloss paint that I’m using for the doors. Managed a slow walk with my therapy client in the park feeling a bit weak but okay, at the end struggling a bit with energy. It was a good session though inside I was connected.

Then saw the men, had a chat with them and the happy client. Muscles sore, low energy. Chilled. Sniffles. Sore throat, stomach pain, earache. And random pains here and there. My uncle had a cough on Monday night at dinner, I wonder…..or it could just be a cold I suppose. On the sofa in a housecoat here with a fire and the heating on, pretty exhausted and shivering. 12 degrees outside today, bit of a drop. A particularly sore lower back right now, which I noticed visiting the guys on site.

Just a coincidence that my one task this afternoon was to finalise and send the costing in a spreadsheet to the prospective next client?!

Happy though. Dog fed and happy. Funny that. Body not well and still feeling contented. Don’t know what to do though. No focus. No appetite. Okay as long as I stay still.

Shouting and swearing from upstairs earlier from the old man. Old father has lost his mind. Mother is in hospital. Disabled son being a carer. He seems kind.

I’m savouring here though. The warmth. The company of the dog. The quietness and this comfy sofa. My overall good health. That’s there’s food in the fridge. That I don’t have to do any work, I can relax here and rest and recover. Appreciate feeling unwell is making me rest like this. Savouring that I don’t have to talk to anyone, appreciating this solitude. The opportunity to sleep with interruptions.

Slept for over an hour there once I got warm.

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