What a Great Day

Long intense detailed dream of me and another one or two friends actually inside this AI art program. Instead of art on my iPad, it was a full reality changer – producing completely new scenes. The entire scene is re rendered while we are in it and we get to experience that and see that it doesn’t hurt us. In fact it was a fun adventure with a lot of smiling.

In the dream I had to deal with waves of anxiety as it was so disorienting around me and not in my control, and I relaxed and went with it, learned how deal with it. The changing scenes gave me lots of practice. I just dropped into my feelings and saw they are different flavours of energy.

I had gone to bed listening to a talk by Tsoknyi Rinpoche about connecting with feelings. It’s a 25 minute meditation with some silences, and well worth checking in with. Valuable tool he is teaching for connecting with our feelings.

I had also been listening to parts of that same talk out walking in the woods in the morning and in the car later on on a trip to the countryside. And it went in.

In the dream I felt unafraid of my thoughts and feelings so was free to go with whatever changes arrived and the feelings that arise with them. I feel the residue of that dream in this moment. So once again the dream pointing to an address that I can now check back in with more easily in daily life. It created a bit of a slipway. Thank you!

Had a client first thing yesterday. Then to the woods and enjoyed photographing some beautiful fungi. Then lunch at the cafe outside. Then a beautiful swim and sit in the jacuzzi. And met my friend P there at the gym cafe, and had a blether and another small lunch. Then back here so relaxed deeply by the swim. A few hours designing a project and pricing another then back out.

Out to see if the Fly Agarics are out yet. To photograph not consume! And yes, a month earlier than last year they wee there and seemed to be on the wane already.

Then an encounter with some gentle and mighty horses. Who let me near and to pat them. My head touching its head. Unity. No fear or aggression at all. Beautiful and magical. And then there was a glorious sunset. What a great day.

Today I’m about to start on an all day online workshop/course all about working with Shame, within ourselves and in our clients. I had a strong negative pull back reaction when I saw the course advertised. After a few days pondering that, it suggested there’s something for me to learn. I have shame. I see it when my friend J is dancing wildly like nobody is watching, and I’m standing wishing I could too, but frozen to the spot, afraid. Some work to do here.

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