A Nice Day

Was another distress free day. Happy in a calm way, as in the lack of thoughts or reactions bothering me. When those ruminating thoughts of the future are not present, nor reactiveness, I am left with what is. And what is, is just fine. Peace. How about that. We can travel through life in relative peace, if we uncouple from thoughts, and refuse to indulge in reactivity.

One of my closest friends called me to introduce a sparkly new friendship that is flourishing for him. I loved her and the three of us got on great. So much so I was buzzing after it. Three individuals having their energy more than tripled. Out into nature to ground.

With the dog to the woods and choose a near impossible to move through section with unexpected big deep ditches to jump, some too wide so I had to go in and climb back out, thickets of overgrown rhododendrons, low branches tangling in my hair, many fallen tree trunks to climb over, and we had a ball and emerged a good bit dirtier.

It feels great now and then to use a whole lot of muscles in body I’m not accustomed to using, even though we didn’t travel very far. To be in places probably nobody has been too, at least not for a long time, they are hard to get to….seeing nature In a relatively undisturbed state. I let Elsa lead much of the way, she seemed to have a good instinct for the easiest way through.

Then to the pub a stones throw away from my flat for some hand cut chips and olives followed by a homemade strawberry tart. A neighbour happened to be there and he joined me. Not a whole lot to talk about and that was just fine, I was happy to just be there, out and about in public. I’ve noticed that he and another neighbour constantly offer me and give me things – ice cream, a drink, a lottery ticket…..the generosity of spirit and great big hearts are noticeable. I quizzed him about his refusal to accept anything in return. And we had a laugh when I managed to pay for our food before him. They are people, I don’t want to generalise, but there’s addiction and mental health difficulties, and have had hard childhoods, hard lives and don’t have much money as on benefits.

I bumped into the young man from the reclusive family upstairs, the son. Wearing a full mask and medical gloves, very afraid of covid. Probably about the 6th time he has been out of his house in 4 years.

He was off to see his mum in hospital who was unwell and is on the mend. The father he told me has lost his mind, and he apologised for the banging doors, told me he tries his best. I was struck by the soft kindness of this man. His warm heart asking how I am and how Elsa is. The soft voice. A wisdom too. He was dressed in near rags.

Back here and had some more fun with the AI art producing program or whatever it’s called. So addictive. Going deeper and deeper into consciousness awakening related words to see what it ‘knows’ or what it’s collected from others must be from the internet. And an 8 hour sleep. And I started 2 shops online on different ‘instant shop’ sites for this art.

I make it clear it is AI generated digital art and not to take credit for it. I realised that I would have what I am directing the AI to create on my wall, and that suggests others would too. So let’s see. I’m not expecting much. The competition is massive out there, but already have a couple of followers in 2 days.

I’m smiling as I remember my new business mentor reframing my situation in the terms, ‘small portfolio of businesses with multiple income streams’ and now I started another. I realise I do love starting businesses from scratch.

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