New Business Mentor

The Chamber of Commerce offered me a free mentor again and I met him this morning online. What an ace guy! Wow. I’ve totally scored. An INTJ. And he is already completely reframing my situation for me in business world words and definitions, and pointing out possibilities.

I was thinking I’d have to have one business or the other, and he calls it a small portfolio of businesses and multiple income streams. Here’s me thinking and agonising over giving up my business to do the counselling seriously. And I don’t have to.

A long term therapy client before that. Deep stuff, all about uncoupling from our thoughts, and how to do that and the results. Then a walk with E in the park and lunch of bean soup. I can hardly eat much these days, the body just says no to most things. Today some bread and butter, watermelon and soup. Sunny long walk, many sits, good deep chats. Something is changing.

Feeling very well and happy even, pondering how much happiness I can expand to accommodate. I love this consideration.

I discovered an artificial intelligence generating art program and loving playing with it. You put any words at all in and out pops art. I chose as my first few some famous artist’s names, like Klimt, Hornel, Egon Schiele, Kandinsky and then put ‘wild angel’ to see the image in the style of the artist. Really pleased with the results.


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