Tantric Sex Dream

Dream last night. A sacred encounter no less, and the ultimate slow sex experience.

We were completely and utterly in tune with the each other and no separation whatsoever. We could feel what the other was experiencing both at the same time. Unity. Every single movement made, no matter what, was a slightly different hue or tone of deeper and greater bliss.

And mid sensual moment, he ever so slightly playfully stopped all movement, paused and held the stillness – knowing the effect it would have of increasing the intensity, right in mid kiss and full embrace and all. 🤩 unbelievably intense intimacy, so much so, it woke me up. Tantric sex. Must be.

Ecstasy of the creator as parts recognise each other in unity as we realise who we are too. The bliss of recognition, that the appearance of separation that doesn’t really exist, it appears real but isn’t.

Likes waves appearing separate but they are part of the ocean.

There was love, but how to express that it wasn’t just like we felt love, as in love coming from a one to another one and it being expressed. Because we actually were the embodiment of love and we were inside love – love all around inside and outside.

Notable was the complete absence of fear. Total trust. Flow State.

I do feel aroused as I write this. Though it is a much wider more complete arousal way beyond the physical. The physical being a tiny part of it.

It was with someone I sort of know, bump into very occasionally. Like once. A year. Not sure I’ll be able to look at him the same way again 😂

It was a particularly active one out in the ‘3d world’ yesterday.

Screen time down to 5.5 hours yesterday, big improvement from 10+ hours! Woohoo. And 2 at least were counselling online. A counselling client first thing, then to the project just completed and then a drive over the city to see the guys at the new one on day 3.

Then to the woods for a deep submergence in nature experience. A deer appeared right next to us too, and the dog was calm with it. Then carried a heavy rolled up rug to the allotment for the shed, and to pick up some screens for my uncle which I brought to his house.

We then went in my car to the nursery to choose some plants for him and brought them back, had coffee in his shed and my son T happened to call just as we were talking about him. And then back home for a counselling session with a client at 5pm. And then relaxing a bit till early bed. Good day. Fabulous long sleep.

There was a second dream. Going to a location in the car, friend in passenger seat. He suggested a route and round the corner there appeared the steeped downhill traffic light queue I’ve ever imagined possible, must have been 45 degrees. I put the break on while we waited. He apologised, said he forgot to mention. Then when the light went green I tried to undo the break and I couldn’t get it the car to move. In my heightened anxious state about this steep hill I completely forgot how to work the electronic break system in my VW car. I panicked and cried for his help, I jumped out the car flapping quite a bit. The lorry driver behind was furious. I woke up!

I’m about to set off to the far edge of the city to visit a prospective new client. Autumn is appearing, temperature dropping a little. Beautiful change. Always there to collect us up to a new fresh experience.

From ‘The Flight of the Garuda’


    1. Yes. Thanks. A few notes out on it before I went out for the day. Has had a lingering impact. Tried to elaborate a bit more today, hard to use words without diminishing the essence.

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