Screen Alternatives

It’s 8am and all is pretty well in this world here. Feeling a little bit of a low mood for some reason. This is good motivation to practise self compassion and giving the feelings more space and permission to be there.

Awoke having dreams involving Elon Musk. In a small team on some sort of mission to save the world with him. A long road trip to find and disarm hidden explosives

The robovac is vacuuming the floor for me. I am surrounded by all these wonderful helpers, fridge, washing machine, dish washer. I find myself thanking them at times for their support.

Yesterday was a lovely day. A long slow walk around the park with my friend E. Good conversation and hearing some wise insights from him I enjoyed. The heavens opened and the rain was beautiful as we had tea under the big umbrella in the cafe. Not much else. That client paid the £5k. Interestingly just as I’d let go of that money completely.

Pondering about the amount of screen time recently and realising it’s time to reduce it. It’s 10-12 hours a day or reading and listening to talks. Some social media and watching films/series. Too much consumption of information in general, and I’m considering alternative more creative indoor activities. Only got 2 so far. What else do people do? I’ll add to this list as I think of things.

-there’s reading a paper book of course! Not done that for a while. The reading has been online. Might be nice to try it again. More organic. I sound like an addict.

– I do love the idea of ceramics but that would be more of a mission with equipment and learning….maybe that’s an option though.

– Drawing and painting too, though I could be amazing at that, I’m not feeling it.

– I could set up some indoor led grow lights and cultivate more plants for gifts or selling. I’ve got the space and love looking after plants.

– write a book. I could collect all the insights and tools that have worked for me and that I continue to practise and compile them in a book. It would be a fun project. Yes would require screen time but it would be creative and active rather than passive consumption.

This morning I have a therapy client. Then will go and see the men on both sites. Then meeting my uncle to help him choose plants.

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