A Perfect Day

A peaceful waking today, some meditation type leaning back into open non thinking wide open spaciousness inside before I got up. It’s the best, resting in that open spaciousness inside. Imagining an actual space between my ears. That really helps to remember the address of that open aware space.

It has taken a long time for this Busy Lizzie mind to resist it less. And the ego thought it was a thoroughly scary place, a dark empty lonely void. It’s getting more attractive now though due to the silky peace it brings. And there’s a potent creative aliveness to it. And not to mention bliss…it’s THE address inside to find and return to over and over.

Yesterday – it was a near perfect day in every way. One huge wide massively deep and far ranging session with a client early morning, thoroughly beneficial to both of us.

Then another client 2 ours in the park walking in woods sitting on a log, eating ice cream and letting her talk out her distress. Lot of it. And so much super bright vibrant intelligence and wisdom in there held back by a strong deficiency story. The process of being kind to herself and restoring a loving relationship with herself has begun.

Then after a rest a two hour session with Marc L. Wonderful, inspiring, illuminating, empowering…..to be around such awareness. What a joy to bath in.

Realised I hadn’t barely eaten, and unusual for me, I went to the local pub restaurant for an early dinner with the dog which was delicious. and then another park walk with a delighted dog getting a bonus walk.

Home to watch a super slightly sci-fi crime series. And to top it off the the 3d drawings arrived late from the cad technician for the potential next job, which I sent right away and the client said she loved it and gave a conditional go ahead for next week. Woohoo! Basked in that before dropping off.

And that was the day. Perfection. Thank you very much, I really appreciated that.

Still having escape fantasises, this is a great spot.

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