An Ordinary Day

How well I feel out wondering reciting the Gayatri increasingly out loud as a whisper. A way of occupying the mind so that there’s no room for thoughts. Give the mind something to do while I ground into the senses fully. Feel the body as it steps, the air on my face, the sound of water and wind in the trees.

A coffee, chat, and over a very old lane with my friend P, then left her to turn off to wade through grasses up to my shoulders, then over a gate, up a hill and along a woodland edge. A sit to take in the view and back through a boggy area, over the big fields through more woods by the riverside. I love moving through different textures of landscapes.

Saw the men, sorted some business things out, saw a potential client. And lunch at my favourite spot, with Elsa sneaking off, afraid of the roving wasps. Successful meeting with a new therapy client last night too.

I joined a local gym for the swimming yesterday! Just found myself doing it, signing up for a year. Stepping up self compassion in the form of a commitment to physical health and well-being. I know that this body wants to stretch and move and use the muscles more. A few years ago I used to swim every morning and it was so great for the body and lowered the stress level.

All very ordinary and also so full of miracles.

A therapy client this morning, then a meeting with a doctor wanting a hospital natural therapeutic space designed. And a potential new design client at 7pm this evening. In between a walk of course.

Feeling slightly disturbed inside, in response to how interactions are going with 4 clients. I asked for a design payment a few days ago from a client and no answer. Further prompt, no answer. I gotto say that my intuition warned me about her from the start. I even mentioned to the guys that she was perhaps a disagreeable personality type and I’m not sure about her. That can spell a lot of trouble for is if we take it further.

I feel sad when I believe that I’m not being respected and not having my work appreciated. And the next client owes me £5k and hasn’t paid it yet. And the other clients are asking for a visit to complete something they could easily do themselves that they asked us to leave, and also being a bit annoyed about it. Another client is doing something similar.

I’m watching this brain as it looks for problems and threats ! And actually yes to acknowledging feelings, no to making a big story out of them, and yes to savouring the well-being I also experience in this moment. Gratitude.

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