A Wednesday

Wonderful sleep last night, blissful dream of a calm lagoon. Feeling somewhat unravelled and undone the last day or so. The normal orientation mechanisms don’t seem to be online.

Due to this moment to moment living exercise I think. It activates the threat detection bit of the brain that likes to be in control and predict what is coming. That has to be let go of to an extent in this surrendering to the moment experience.

This is where some simple tools have come in effectively

  • Remembering to breathe
  • Using the senses to repeatedly access what is happening now. What is being heard, what is being seen etc
  • Self compassion and unconditional self love – saying I love you in the mirror
  • Listening to reassuring words from others who are here have been here.
  • Grounding in nature and getting exercise by going out for walks.
  • Helping others.

Got a new client in a minute. Be interesting to see how the energy is when I return in an hour.

Okay back after seeing the new client. It was hard going. A lot of suffering going on and I felt his anxiety quite strongly. He reminded me a lot of my son, so concern crept in at some points which isn’t ideal. A journey into self compassion and self love for him if he allows….

I feel anxious right now. So I drop into the body out of the head. I notice a tightness in the throat mainly a little in the chest. I give it space to be there, and permission and be still in my thoughts. Just feeling the body.

Going for a walk by the river. Need to move.

Escaped canaries in the park yesterday

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